Boswell Scholars:  Georgia PRIVATE Group

Scholars’ Visit to the Colonel’s Birthplace in Georgia

April 30 – May 3, 2023

To say that the Boswell Scholarship changed our lives is probably an understatement for many of us.  For the first time ever, scholarship recipients & their guests have a unique opportunity to visit the location where the Boswell Empire began in Georgia.  The Boswell Scholars’ Scholarship (BSS) is proud to announce a trip to the Boswell’s original cotton estate in the historic heartland of Georgia.

Colonel James Griffin Boswell, born in Greene County, GA, is the powerhouse who established the California farming operations in the 1920’s.
Greene County Courthouse, built in 1849, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Colonel J. G. Boswell left Georgia for California in the early part of the 20th century after the boll weevil destroyed the area’s cotton industry.  Today, much of this region remains untouched from pre-Civil War days.  Known as the “Antebellum Trail,” the scenic 100-mile stretch through seven communities was so beautiful that it was spared by General Sherman’s burning march to the sea.  Today this heartland of Georgia provides a window to the rich history of the Old South.

The town in which we’ll be staying (65 miles east of Atlanta) has been hailed as one of the prettiest & most picturesque small towns in America.  Its historic district is one of Georgia’s largest—painstakingly restored, many buildings exemplify the town’s cotton boom years of the mid-19th century.  Grand style “Gone with Wind” homes and pre-civil war commercial buildings are everywhere one looks.   One hundred of these structures are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Colonel's maternal grandfather, Dr. James Griffin (center), is surrounded by the Boswell family in the late 1800's
A former cotton estate , our ranch exudes Southern charm & genteel hospitality

We’ll actually, however, be staying just outside of town on what was originally cotton fields.  Today, it’s a working 225 acre quarter horse ranch, but it isn’t just any horse ranch—Travel & Leisure Magazine deems it “One of America’s Best Dude Ranches.”    A dude ranch congers up for many exactly that… a ranch for “dudes” with bunk-houses.    Not true here.  Think a reimagined ranch experience where upmarket lodging (in a modernized antebellum-style country home with swimming pool and WIFI) meets Southern charm and hospitality.   

We look forward to you joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay homage to Colonel J. G. Boswell.   Do note that this is a BSS fund-raiser and $500 of the cost includes a tax deductible donation to our BSS scholarship.  Also note that the ranch only has 17 rooms, so attendance will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The late Jimmy Boswell helped fund the Boswell Sunday school (left). The adjacent Boswell church, built in 1876, is where the Colonel & his family attended services (and where Boswells worship today).

Join us in savoring a taste of the Old South & walking in the footsteps of the Colonel!

BSS Committee:  

June (Koepke) Dunn (‘67), Kent Adney (‘74), Dave Sampson (’76) & John Baker ('72)



  • Visit the original Boswell estate, the Boswell Church and its graveyard where many Boswells are buried, and the historic           university that the Boswell family helped fund.
  • Meet with descendants of Colonel J. G. Boswell who still live in the area.
  • Stay on “One of America’s Best Dude Ranches” (Travel & Leisure)
  • Tour Georgia’s “Antebellum Trail” with architecture so beautiful it was spared by Sherman on his march to the sea.
  • 3 day option for continuing on to historic Savannah, Georgia.


The purpose of this trip is to pay homage to Colonel J. G. Boswell and the opportunities that his scholarship has provided recipients. It will also be an occasion to meet other like-minded Boswell scholars who feel a need to acknowledge the Boswell Foundation for the life-changing university experience it provided.

You’ll meet several Boswells including this southern belle who is the great, great granddaughter of the Colonel.

Participants will include former Boswell Scholarship recipients and their spouse/family/guest.

A rental car will be necessary as there will be no organized group transport.   On the other hand, a rental car also means maximum flexibility for participants to come and go as these please on excursions, dinners etc.  

The trip will begin early afternoon on Sunday, April 30 at our lodging which is located 65 miles east of Atlanta.  A rental car will be necessary as there will be no organized group transport to and from the ranch or on any of our excursions.

Our accommodation, a former cotton estate, is an upmarket Dude Ranch in the state’s historic heartland.

The group will be staying at a famous quarter horse ranch, which was formerly a cotton farm.  This 225 acre ranch has been recognized by Travel & Leisure as one of American’s Top Dude Ranches.   But, this is definitely a reimagined dude ranch experience.    Forget the notion of bunkhouses with bunkbeds, shared bathrooms, and a cowboy dinner huddled around a campfire.   Instead, think upmarket air-conditioned rooms in a modern Southern mansion with ensuite private baths (some with Jacuzzis), comfortable king or queen beds with quality linen, and a dining room with two outdoor terraces overlooking a breathtakingly bucolic panorama.   The ranch exudes relaxation, pampering, and gracious southern hospitality.

There are 17 rooms in different sizes & price categories.  In addition to horseback riding, there is also a heated swimming pool, bikes, and hiking trails.

Yes, extra nights can be booked through Wine-Knows Travel.  As there are only 17 rooms, early booking is essential as spring is the most popular time of the year in Georgia.

This dude ranch is for dudes & dudettes who enjoy creature comforts (superior room).

Classic Rooms at the farm are a little smaller, but just as comfortable.

The birthplace of Colonel J. G. Boswell and the original Boswell cotton farming estate are very close to the horse farm.   We’ll be staying in the heartland of Georgia near its famous “Antebellum Trail.”  This historically significant district includes seven early-mid 19th century towns that were spared by General Sherman’s burning on his march to the sea.  There is no other spot in the entire state where pre Civil War architecture is so abundant.


The town of Madison (only a few miles from the ranch) has been named among the “Best Small Town in Georgia” by Southern Living Magazine, and USA Today has rated Madison as one of the “Top Ten Best Historic Small Towns in America.” 

Georgia’s second largest lake, iconic Lake Oconee, is located a short drive from the ranch and is known for boating and bass fishing.  Also, there are several well-known golf courses nearby. 

Lake Oconee is an outdoor sportsman & golfer’s paradise.

$500 of this trip’s fee will be donated to the BSS via the Boswell’s Corcoran Community Foundation (Tax ID: 9-160.8857), a 501C charity.  This $500 can be deducted as a charitable contribution on your taxes.

The trip will be casual dress during the day.   Two of our nights, however, dinner will be formal venues where participants should plan to bump up their attire.  

Late April/early May is Georgia’s idyllic weather with little humidity.  Daytime temperatures average a high of 75 degrees & a low of 55 degrees.    

Yes.  There are family suites available that can hold up to 6 persons.  Early booking, however, is essential as there are only a few rooms that can hold more than 2 people.  For pricing of these larger units, please contact Wine Knows Travel.

Absolutely.  The single supplement is based upon the room category that you choose.  We anticipate that there will be a mix of singles, couples, and possibly families.  

Wine Knows Travel is owned by June (Koepke) Dunn, a Boswell Scholarship recipient.  Wine-Knows is an international wine and food tourism company that conducts up-market trips in 13 wine-producing countries around the globe.   June, one of the founders of the BSS Committee, has been intimately involved with the committee for >25 years.   She is donating her company’s share of the proceeds to the BSS.

Yes.  This trip has a maximum of 19 participants.

We expect the trip to sell out, however, once it is sold out we will be happy to place your name on a wait-list.

Yes. There will be free time each day, usually in the early morning and/or late afternoon. A detailed itinerary will be sent in early 2023.

The horse ranch is about 65 miles from the Atlanta airport.  The second closest airport is Augusta, 90 miles.

Yes, we accept payment through  A 3% fee, however, will be charged to cover the fee that Paypal imposes.

The current Boswell home (above) was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original in the 1890’s
Breakfast at the ranch features classical Southern cooking, but with an eye to healthy eating.
Although the Colonel left Georgia 100 years ago, many of his relatives are still remembered today. This stained glass window at the Boswell Church pays tribute to Eliza, the Colonel’s grandmother.
The Boswell family helped fund the original Mercer University in the mid 1800’s .


based on a minimum of 12 participants

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April 29 – May 3, 2023

$2,080 Classical Room
$2,350 Superior Room

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT Classical Room:  $430, Superior $550

$2,350 Classical Room
$2,530 Superior Room

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT:  Classical Room $520, Superior $640

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