Itinerary Vietnam

February 3-13, 2026

Vietnam’s cuisine is considered by nutritional experts to be one of the healthiest diets on the planet. Cooking in Vietnam is well known for its use of fresh ingredients, along with a minimal use of dairy, red meat and oil. With the country’s nearly 2,000 mile coastline, fish & seafood are common ingredients in the diet. Moreover, there’s a huge reliance on fresh antioxidant herbs and vegetables. Exotic fruits? Look no further as Vietnam is a treasure trove for wondrous healthy fruits…many of which are unknown outside of the country.

Due to its historical roots as a French colony, Vietnam does produce both red and white wines. Beer drinkers will be happy to know that Vietnam has recently become a mecca for microbreweries. But, the beverage taking Vietnam by storm is coffee. Also introduced by the French, coffee has become >$470 million US annual industry. In fact, Vietnam is second only to Brazil in the world’s production of coffee.

Trip Highlights

  • Visits to cities spanning the entire country, including both Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi, as well as historical Hue, and the UNESCO seaside city of Hoi An
  • 2 nights aboard a luxurious Vietnamese yacht in Ha Long Bay (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Culinary adventures ranging from cooking classes to “street food” tours, and from fruit-carving demos to exotic outdoor markets
  • Dining venues including meals in the Vietnam’s most sophisticated restaurants, as well as dining with families in their homes
  • The Tet holidays (the Lunar New Year) begin on February 15---the tour has been strategically planned to savor all of the wondrous decorations for the country’s biggest holiday week